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Wedding Wednesday: The Reception

Our gorgeous wedding reception was held at a venue close to my heart.  My family have been members of The Duquesne Club for about 15 years.  We have spent so many evenings at the DC for dinner— laughing, sharing stories and spending time together as a family.  To me, The Duquesne Club is “our place”.  Our family’s place.  When my parents agreed to host our reception at the DC—it meant the world to me.

Our reception was a little different than a typical sit down dinner and dancing event.  My parents hosted an afternoon reception that included cocktails, food stations, and casual seating with no place cards or true formality.  It was really wonderful, and had a cocktail party vibe.  We had a band—who were amazing!  They really catered to all of the guests young and old with their selection of music: big band, jazz, oldies, show tunes and some contemporary music.

The Duquesne Club’s ballroom is very lavish—with huge murals on the walls and lots of color.  We decided not to go crazy with our flowers, so had a few gorgeous arrangements around the room—and it was truly perfect.  Our cake—AH!  Our cake was one of my favorite parts about the reception.  A 4 tier, all white, red velvet cake with fresh roses.  It was incredible.  We had a carving station, pasta station, salad bad and huge dessert area with coffee and hot chocolate.  No one went hungry at this party!

As Andrew and I mingled with all of our guests, it would have been easy not to look around and enjoy the beauty of this venue. The flowers, the smiles and the dancing going on around us would take anyone’s breath away.  We took a moment to sit and eat, and just BE in the moment of our reception.  A party celebrating us.  

My Dad gave a heartfelt prayer he had found in my Nana’s house many years ago.  He said he always knew he would read it on his daughter’s wedding day—even before he had a daughter.  It was a touching moment, and he never fails to amaze me with his grace and surprises!

Leslie-my maid of honor, and Peter-Andrew’s brother and best man gave speeches that would be hard to top.  It meant so much to both Andrew and I to have our best friends speak to us, and share memories from years of friendship.  In that moment, we felt blessed.

Andrew and I danced to “All the Way” by Frank Sinatra.  Neither one of us are crazy about dancing—but during our dance we felt like the only two people in the room.  When my Dad cut in to dance with me to Butterfly Kisses, there wasn’t a dry eye in the ballroom.

I will forever treasure the moments of our wedding day.  Little moments like dancing with my Dad, watching my Mom from across the room laughing with old friends and family, having the hardest time with my bussell and a small freak-out moment, introducing Charlotte to my friends who came in from out of town.  Those are the moments that make me smile. 

My parents honored us with this great gift.  The gift of a celebration just for us.  In no way did Andrew and I deserve that gift—but our parents, and friends and family—they love us enough to celebrate our lives coming together as one.  That love and energy was alive in that room on October 1, 2011.  I only pray I can take the energy and love felt that day and give it to others in whatever I do in the future. 

**Photos taken by our amazing photographers Tracy Turpen and Tyler Stout.  Another incredible gift we were blessed with :)**

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