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It’s Been Awhile…

This is longest break I have taken in my 3 years of blogging (3 years?!).

So much has happened this summer.  We were BUSY.  In a good way!  The days flew by, and I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of October. 

A few of the big things that have gone on in our family…

#1: Beach Trip!


We went to the beach!  The four of us, plus my mom and Nana, spent a week in Ocean City, NJ in September.  The weather was picture perfect, and the girls had the time of their LIVES.  We really spent so  much time just having fun as a family, and felt so blessed the whole week.




#2: We bought a HOUSE!

In two weeks we will close on our first house.  It has been two years of looking, stressing, wondering, waiting…..and in two weeks we will have our own home for our family.  We found the perfect house with more space, a backyard, playroom, and all in a fabulous school district.  We are so blessed and thankful for God’s timing!

#3: Charlotte turned THREE!

Our baby girl is growing up!  Charlotte turned 3 this month, and is such a big girl these days.  She was so excited to celebrate her birthday with family, and of course eat cake and open presents.  


Charlotte is so grown up.  Imaginative, helpful, creative, charming.  She is newly potty-trained (at least at home), and is SOO proud of this!  She now loves all things Disney Princess, fairy tales and magic.  She is certainly a girly-girl and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the little lady she is turning into.  And did I mention, she’s hilarious!



#4: We’re having a…..BABY!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right.  We will be welcoming a new baby to our family in early March of next year!  We are thrilled, nervous, overwhelmed, but mainly feel content and blessed.  This means a LOT of craziness forever and ever around here, but why not?


{This is the photo we posted to “announce” the pregnancy.  The caption read: “Psst, Ellie!  You are going to be a BIG SISTER just like ME!”}

The new baby and Ellie will be 20 months apart…about the same distance between CG and E.  I know they will all grow up to be so close, and I couldn’t have chosen a better time myself for our family to welcome a new bundle into our lives.  Charlotte is BEYOND excited, and all she talks about is wanting to help with the new baby.  I think she and Ellie will be awesome big sisters :)

We certainly have a LOT going on…..but even more to be thankful for each and every day.  God never gives us more than we can handle, and I truly believe that.  So…’s to the next chapter:


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Ellie’s party can really be summed up in this picture.
Filled with laughter, food, family and fun.
I’m just so proud to me a mama to two beautiful girls.  SO proud!


Ellie’s party can really be summed up in this picture.

Filled with laughter, food, family and fun.

I’m just so proud to me a mama to two beautiful girls.  SO proud!


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Happy First Birthday to YOU!


One year ago today, on her due date July 26, 2012…God blessed our family with another sweet baby girl.


Charlotte became a sister.  We brought another HUMAN into our home and into our hearts.  


So tiny and sweet…the peace I felt when holding her is a feeling I will never forget.


Elizabeth Virginia Coleman has blessed our family more than she will know.  She taught her mommy to multi-task and referee.  She taught her daddy how to melt with a baby smile and dance with two littles in his arms.


She was born with a best friend…and Charlotte adores her little “Bellies”.


Our family of four feels like it has always been this way.  We can’t imagine our lives without our hilarious, happy, spunky, trouble-maker, mobile, curious, hungry, love-able, playful ELLIE.

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet baby girl.  We love you forever, and ever!

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Ellie’s Birthday Week

My baby girl is turning one on Friday!  When I stop to think and ask myself, “Where did the time go..?”  I start thinking about so  many things.

When Charlotte was a baby, I cried every month.  Seriously.  I was sad with every new age and stage and just wanted her to stay a baby forever.

This time—I didn’t do that.  Maybe once or twice when she was really teeny, but for the most part I was excited each time a new milestone came along, or a new month picture was taken.  My baby was growing…but I also knew the fun we had ahead of us.  

I look at my Ellie now, and she is SO grown up all of a sudden.  I look at her now and realize—I may have missed it.  I feel a little bit like I skipped over the precious baby days I so cherished with Charlotte.

But then I look back at pictures and realize….I didn’t skip it or miss it.  It just went by FAST.  Faster than I ever could imagine!  And here we are at her first birthday week….and I get teary holding her, and thinking about how fast it went and trying to keep her little for awhile longer.

This week is all about you, baby Ellie.  My sweet, happy, feisty, tiny girl. Let the memories begin!

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Elizabeth Virginia::11 Months Old!

Well folks.  I did it.  i turned into that mom who slowly but surely pushed the second child moments to the back burner (i.e. month posts, updates, milestones etc).  Poor second child…who, by the way, turns one NEXT WEEK.  And I’m just writing her 11 month post now.

I couldn’t let it slip away before the big birthday—so here it is.  The pictures are ALL from her 11th month, but I’m sorry to say I can’t remember what she did then vs. what she does now for the most part….so here goes!

Ohhh Ellie Bellie.  You are one amazing little baby!  This month, Ellie’s receptive skills are incredible!  She understands simple questions like, “Where are the trees?”, “Where is daddy?”, “Ellie sit down!” etc.  The way Ellie interacts with everyone brings so much joy to our hearts.  She is always smiling and causing some kind of commotion!

Ellie’s crawling has quickly turned into creeping and walking everywhere while holding on to the furniture.  She is SO active, sometimes it’s hard to keep up!  Ellie loves to be on the move and explore every area.  She loves the sand box, grass, dirt etc….no textures bother this busy body!

Ellie is so petite, it’s easy to forget that she is quickly approaching ONE. Her personality really makes up for it though!  Ellie is such a little giggle monster these days.  She loves to play peek a boo, patty cake, and of course she still loves to dance.  Her favorite way to communicate is by gesturing towards something and saying “eh! eh!”.  She does babble still and say mama, dada and num num but not really using words quite yet.

Ellie has been loving going to new places like the Children’s Museum and exploring.  She follows Charlotte’s every move and truly keeps herself busy.  I remember CG at this age could only play with toys if I sat right WITH her…but Ellie is much more independent when it comes to play.  Probably because she has a big sister to follow around!

I am still in shock that my baby turns 1 so soon….Ellie, you are growing way too fast!  Please at least look like a baby for a bit longer, ok?  We love you more than you know!!!

11 Month Stats:

Weight: 17 lbs

Height: about 28 inches

Diaper: size 4

Clothing: 9-12m

Teeth: 0

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A Beautiful Day

Today, July 16, is a beautiful sunny day here in Pittsburgh.  But what makes this day the most special is today is our Gramps’ birthday!!!

Gramps has always been Pearls to Pampers #1 fan.  Every time I write a post he is the first to read it, and then email me about how much he enjoyed the pictures or message.

Today—I am breaking my long blogging hiatus to write and share pictures for my Gramps.  So, this one is for you—we LOVE you!!  Happy Birthday!!

May God continue to richly bless your life.  I can only pray our family will be as blessed as you and Granny are—YOU are a true blessing to our family!

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